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What’s day is today? It’s 3rd already, and I want to share my thoughts I had on 2nd January 2019. Starting my new year, the year of 2019 with some blues and white nights, I want to share with us something. My second day was a bit down and up, I don't know, the reality makes me disinterest in knowing how. I just want to escape. So here we go: works.


Jan 2

Works and thoughts are the gateways for me to escape into the world that I can actually function.


I am now currently working at another Startup, my 4th one, still love the experience of building something with people.

And the thing is, I just found myself that I can do a bit of business development here! I am a Business Development Manager now for Pickupp.

What is Pickupp? OK, here we go:

Pickupp is specialized in providing 4-hour, same day or scheduled door-to-door delivery service with a diverse supply network.

Pickupp’s uniqueness lies in the highly optimized batching & chaining technology, we provide tailored last mile service for both bulk & ad-hoc deliveries with transparency. Merchants no longer have to bear the high cost of a delivery fleet, and can de-bottleneck peak sales period by utilizing the idle & available logistics manpower out there, scaling their business without sacrificing speed & cost.

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 3.23.42 AM.png

Pickupp Raises Funds to Continue its Growth in Southeast Asia
HONG KONG, Dec. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pickupp announced today that it has secured pre-A round of financing, in order…

I think from that you all know what I am doing. Too tired now, will tell later. But I have enough energy to share something with us all.

It’s like Adeline running in my vein.

Speaking of startups. People say it is a hype, a trend, something that people want to have an experience for at least once to know what it is and why people create products that make investments through series A to B, from rounds to rounds. It will result in glory and champagne. Yes, if you know what you are doing and you do it right. Else, shit will hit the fan.

Well yeah, it is not easy.

But I am telling you, it is exciting, for me.

It's like Adeline running in my vein. My personality is to innate things that need to be initiated, finding shortcuts to solve problems that will result in fairness and satisfaction for all when the problems are solved, looking for ways to optimize something that cost increasing, looking for solutions to sell effectively, looking for things that are imperfect and help everyone to get on the mission: make the imperfection a perfection.

That takes nights of sleeplessness, of scarifying personal life for the career, of the up and down in both life and starting something up. Getting myself ready for the unexpectation. Now don’t get me wrong, when I tell you about the unexpected things happen at the most unexpected time, none of them are bad, because an event can be both good and bad at the same time, it might be good to you, but not a great news to some, sometimes the table turns, and we all take a toll. Again, It’s all about how we see it, I see things in possibilities, I create opportunities, I seek for advantages in the disadvantages. All can be converted into opportunity I believe.


Life is short, starting up something for someone is not going to make your life shorter even though the reality seems like it does.

At least you have challenges to accept, the more you take on, the more you know: you know nothing, something you will learn only to be unlearnt later, something you have learnt will need your power of persuasion to spread and fix on what has already been known; the conventional ways of doing things, the traditional things that no longer works, things that stop a business to start.

All of that you will learn a lot from working at a Start Up, and really analyse of each steps the company moves for your own lesson learnt.

My lesson learnt: Before dipping yourself into starting things up, start to find yourself a mentor. You can not help building someone's business with zero experience in business, that's why you need one. And you have to trust them, never question them. Do what they tell you. Finding one is as hard as building a business.

So, that's it. Good night.

I will share more of my experience when I have a lot of time.

I'll starting things up again this 9:30 AM today.

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Pickupp is a B2C, C2C logistics optimization platform offering the most efficient, low cost , dynamic delivery…