A Product Designer - Marketer - Passionate About Ideas - UX Researcher & Coacher

about me?


Have a heart for creating new products, bringing to life innovation and useful solutions to help solving people's everyday life-problems.


How I See Myself:

  • English, Tiếng Việt, xài mỗi ngeeày.

  • Apart from those 2 languages, I can also speak music and movies.

  • I am not a true extrovert as far as I am concern.

  • I have been doing the business of communicating design solutions between departments to help with execution.

  • Moreover, I also do help businesses connect with the products: to see its potentials of boosting their revenue, plus, saving their time if we can collaborate too.

  • Lastly, my introversion comes out to play when I find something new to worth spending time researching.

  • I love writing, I love ideas, I love helping people, finding their strength and potentials, coaching the skills with their mindsets.


I am Cameo Actress, Photographer, Singer, Dancer, Youtuber, Influencer, Entertainment Communicator, etc

Monsoon - Directed by Hong Khoau with Lead actor Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asian), by BBC UK & HKFilm VN.

He Serves Fish, She Eats Flowers - Directed by Phan Dang Di.