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I am Start-up girl in a Start-up world. It's fantastic, yet challenging.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace



If you landed on my page, high chance we haven’t met!

Nice to meet you! My name is My An Nguyen, a product designer will full of ideas and energy (now if you need help with product launching, yup, right person to go to from A to beta launch!) and here you are in my website! I believe you are here for a reason, for whatever reason it might be, I am going to tell you a story, about… me.

I am a product designer, grew up with prototype in Jewelry design as my father was a luxury “wearable” designer. Inspired by high concept and prototype he created, 4 years old little My An started to notice how he implemented the whole process to manufactured in mass production with only a handful of executives and got them sold out in the local market, it was inspiring and aspiring how much I learnt from my dad his creativity and integrity in design. He was the one that brought to my life what it meant when it came to lean startup and how to manage such a few people for the maximum outcome with high quality and less production cost possible.

My mom was a business woman, she had a kiot at Ben Thanh market back then in 1993 and sold what my dad produced. If he was creative, she was a bad-ass saleswoman. She had a great salesmanship mindset in her, plus her charm at such young age, with the support of my dad, them both were the most bad-ass sale team among all the kiots. Celebrities were my mom’s best friends, and my dad was my… best friend.

Regardless, growing up with those highlights, I had no ideas how business worked until when I met my mentor. My mentor was such a role model to determine my success. He’s my boss and mentor, teaching me apart from design, there is always an element of economy to make it sellable as a business. The moment he taught me supply and demand, market condition and what does it take to form a market, my mind blown.

I am the luckiest girl in this world, having these knowledge growing up in such backgrounds. I applied to work and the projects I worked on and it only brings benefits to the people I work with, the last is for me.

Speaking of my Product Design ability, I was so lucky I got involved in 6 projects so far, 5 were startups and all are mobile-app based projects. I experienced a wide range of industries: logistics, health-care, travel, social media & dating, social entertainment, library, etc… some projects I am allowed from customers for online and offline showcase purposes. I believe project design requires more than just UX and UI, it’s always about understanding high concept and bringing in from ideas to usable design method for a desirable & usable platforms as outcome.

So yeah, I guess let’s email and talk for better understanding! I am a designer, and I also sell my design so if you have a demand in design…





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